Thursday, July 22, 2010

Convention...LOVE WHAT WE DO!

Convention started to today and what better way than to have a Flower Power Party??? We had such a blast. Here are some pics of the night...enjoy:)

Here's one of me in my costume. This was worn by my grandmother in the '60's as a bathingsuit coverup. Can you imagine??? 100% polyester...geesh:)
This is the CEO and co-founder Shelli Gardner and her husband Sterling having a good time:)

Train Ride...

I am still here. I've just been busy hitting the beach for a much needed vacation only to come home and stressed out about getting all my swaps done for convention. My cure for that...take a cross-country train ride and finish them on the trip...and that I did! I boarded the train in Harrisburg and had to switch trains in Pittsburgh and Chicago. It was amazing to sit in a little park and look up at the Sears Tower during a layover...anyone know the new name of the Sears Tower??? I boarded on Sunday and arrived here in Salt Lake City Utah at 1:00 Wednesday morning:)So anyway here are some cool pics of my train ride through the Colorado Rockies:) BEAUTIFUL trip!