Tuesday, June 1, 2010


What does reconfigured on the retirement list mean??? It means they are redoing the packaging or the product itself. Think new punch design...not necessarily gone just changed so if you like the old punch design as opposed to the new one...get the old ones NOW!!! The retirement list for the accessories changes minute by minute! Don't delay cuz when it's gone...it's gone!

It's Here...It's Here!

The last chance list is here:) Now please do not panic when you see the retired accessories list...it's HUGE. WHY???? Remember they are renovating the colors and retiring alot of them...so the cardstock and accessories have to go do which is why it's a really, really, rrreeeaaalllyyy long list. So sit beside the POT of coffee and relax...take a deep breath...just think of all the NEW products to fill that space. Oh should I mention...the catalog is a little bit bigger this year:) PPPSSSSTTT click on the title and it will take you to the website to see all three of the lists:)